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1. What Is Spiderman Real Identity?

  • Clark Kent
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Peter Parker
  • Barry Allen

Answer: Peter Parker 

2. How Did Spiderman Gain His Power?

  • He Was Born With Them.
  • Bit By A Radioactive Spider.
  • He Cam From Another World.
  • Gifted Them From Another Hero.

Answer: Bit By A Radioactive Spider. 

3. Which Of This Villains Is Spiderman Most Iconic Nemesis?

  • Magneto
  • The Joker
  • Thanos
  • Green Goblin

Answer: Green Goblin 

4. Whats The Orignal Green Goblins Name?

  • Harry Osborn
  • Ned Osborn
  • Norman Osborn
  • Mattew Osborn

Answer: Norman Osborn 

5. Peter Parker Became A Superhero After Witnessing Whos Death?

  • Aunt May
  • Uncle Ben
  • Mary Jane
  • Harry Osborn

Answer: Uncle Ben 

6. What Is This Spiderman Name?

  • Miles Morales
  • Matt Murdock
  • Ray Palmer
  • Charles Xavier

Answer: Miles Morales 

7. Fill In The: "With Great____ Comes Great____."

  • Knowledge;power
  • Power;responsibility
  • Infulance;responsbility
  • Ideas;danger

Answer: Power;responsibility 

8. What Movie Did Miles Morales Make His Big Screen Debut?

  • The Amazing Spider-man
  • Spider-man 2
  • Spider-man: Into The Spiderverse
  • The Avengers

Answer: Spider-man: Into The Spiderverse 

9. Whos Is Spiderman Boss At The Daily Bugle?

  • Tony Stark
  • J. Jonah Jameson
  • Eddie Brock
  • Gwen Stacy

Answer: J. Jonah Jameson 

10. Which Grilfriend Died In Spiderman While Falling Off Of A Bridge?

  • Mary Jane Watson
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Lois Lane 
  • Kayla Silverfox

Answer: Gwen Stacy 

11. What The Name Of The Newspaper That Peter Worked For?

  • Daily Bugle
  • Daily News
  • Parker News
  • New York News

Answer: Daily Bugle 

12. Who Is Peter Best Friend In The Mcu?

  • Fred
  • Rob
  • Ned
  • Jon

Answer: Ned 

13. Who Was The Villain In Spiderman: Homecoming?

  • Green Goblin
  • Sandman
  • Electro
  • Vulture

Answer: Vulture 

14. What Is The Name Of Peter Parker Current Company?

  • Parker Tech
  • Iron Spider Industries
  • Parker Industries
  • Spider-tech

Answer: Parker Industries 

15. What Is Spider Woman Name?

  • Mary Jane Watson
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Jessica Drew
  • Olivia Benson

Answer: Jessica Drew 

16. What Is The Name Of The Bully That Peter Faced At High School?

  • Flash Thompson
  • Tom Kelly
  • Archie Andrews
  • Ned Morales

Answer: Flash Thompson 

17. How Old Is Miles Morales In Marvels Spiderman : Miles Morales?

  • 13
  • 17
  • 20
  • 22

Answer: 17 

18. What Is The Name Of The Suit That Tony Stark Designed For Spiderman?

  • Iron Spider
  • Stealth Suit
  • Symbiote Suit
  • Captain Universe Suit

Answer: Iron Spider 

19. How Many Suits Does Peter Have In The Mcu?

  • 3
  • 7
  • 5
  • 9


20. Which Of These Characters Is Known As Venom?

  • Eddie Brock
  • Barry Allen
  • Matt Murdock
  • Miles Morales

Answer: Eddie Brock 

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Quiz Diva Quiz Answers

Quiz Diva Answers

The Amazing Spiderman Quiz Answers

The Amazing Spiderman Quiz Answers QUIZ DIVA

The Amazing Spiderman Quiz

The Amazing Spiderman Quiz Answers QUIZ DIVA Accuracy

Quiz Diva The Amazing Spiderman Quiz Answers

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