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1. What Does The Name Roblox Actually Mean?

  • It’s Short For Roadblocks
  • It’s A Combination Of The Words ‘robot’ And ‘blocks’

Answer: It’s A Combination Of The Words ‘robot’ And ‘blocks’ 

2. What Is The Name Of The Currency Used In The Game?

  • Robux
  • Robloquid

Answer: Robux 

3. How Many Hats Can A Character Wear At Once In Roblox?

  • 3
  • 1


4. How Many People Play Roblox Every Month?

  • 30,000,000
  • 3,000,000

Answer: 30,000,000 

5. What Was The Original Name Of Roblox?

  • Extra Blocks
  • Dyna Blocks

Answer: Dyna Blocks 

6. What Movie Is This, Recreated Within Roblox?

  • The Emoji Movie
  • The Lego Movie

Answer: The Lego Movie 

7. Which Of These Is A Real Thing?

  • Outrageous Builders Club
  • Ludicrous Builders Club

Answer: Outrageous Builders Club 

8. How Long Would You Guess This Person Had Been Playing Roblox?

  • 2 Minutes
  • 2 Years

Answer: 2 Minutes 

9. How Many Robux Would You Get For £4.59?

  • 400
  • 800

Answer: 400 

10. This Canadian Beaver Pal Will Cost You 250 Robux, True Or False?

  • False
  • True

Answer: True 

11. Every Pirate Should Have A Hat Like This, But How Much Is It?

  • 2000
  • 3000

Answer: 2000 

12. When You First Begin The Game, Who Is Your First Friend?

  • Builderman
  • Builderdude

Answer: Builderman 

13. How Does Giver Work?

  • You Type In A Code And Get Whatever The Giver Provides
  • You Bump Into It And Get Whatever The Giver Provides

Answer: You Bump Into It And Get Whatever The Giver Provides 

14. 1 Robux Is Worth ? Tickets?

  • 5
  • 4


15. How Many Places Can You Have On One Account If You Are A Builders Club Member?

  • 10
  • Infinite

Answer: 10 

16. What Is The Tagline Of Roblox?

  • Powering Imagination
  • Creating Adventures

Answer: Powering Imagination 

17. What Is The Maximum Number Of Friends That You Can Have On Roblox?

  • Unlimited
  • 200

Answer: 200 

18. Name This Game

  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Theme Park Tycoon

Answer: Natural Disaster Survival 

19. What Is The Name Of The Platform, On Which You Can Create Your Own Worlds And Games?

  • Developers Arena
  • Roblox Studio 

Answer: Roblox Studio 

20. What Game Is This Taken From?

  • Work At A Pizza Place
  • Crusty Caperz

Answer: Work At A Pizza Place 

21. Do You Recognise This Game?

  • Full House
  • Bloxburg

Answer: Bloxburg 

22. What Is This Hat Called?

  • Military Hat
  • Lazy Hat

Answer: Military Hat 

23. Roblox Users Make ? Of Themselves To Play Games

  • Avatars
  • Pictures

Answer: Avatars 

24. When Was Roblox First Released?

  • 2009
  • 2006

Answer: 2006 

25. True Or False, Tickets Or Tix For Short, Were A Form Of Roblox Currency?

  • False
  • True

Answer: True 

26. How Much Money Is The Monthly Membership For Builders Club? In $?

  • $3.49
  • $5.95

Answer: $5.95 

27. True Or False, Roblox Premium Replaced Builders Club

  • True
  • False

Answer: True 

28. Who Is The Creator Of Roblox?

  • David Baszucki
  • Micheal Jordan

Answer: David Baszucki 

29. What Game Is This?

  • Inmate Life
  • Prison Life

Answer: Prison Life 

30. What Account Scared Everyone On The 18th Of March 2017?

  • Jane Doe
  • John Doe

Answer: John Doe 

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Quiz Factory Quiz Answers

Quiz Factory Answers

Roblox Trivia Quiz Answers

Roblox Trivia Quiz Answers Quiz Factory

Roblox Trivia Quiz

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Quiz Factory Roblox Trivia Quiz Answers

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