Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz Answers Be Quizzed

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1. According To Birdperson, What Does “wubba Lubba Dub-dub” Mean?

  • Nothing, It’s Just A Mixture Of Sounds.
  • “pants? Who Needs Pants?”
  • “i Am In Great Pain, Please Help Me”
  • “you’re A Moron, Jerry”

Answer: “i Am In Great Pain, Please Help Me”

2. What Animal Does Beth A Surgeon For?

  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Goat
  • Cow

Answer: Horse

3. What Popular Action Program From The 1980s Is Rick And Morty’s Favorite Tv Series, Ball Fondlers, A Parody Of?

  • Macgyver
  • Magnum P.i.
  • The A-team
  • Airwolf

Answer: The A-team

4. What Is Scary Terry’s Son’s Name?

  • Scary Michael
  • Haunting Harry
  • Menacing Matthew
  • Scary Brandon

Answer: Scary Brandon

5. What Collectible Item Was Not Hiding In Morty’s Dragon’s Lair?

  • An Original Ecto Cooler Juice Box From 1989
  • A Complete First Edition Pokemon Card Set
  • Small Soldiers Spin Pops
  • Future’s Self-titled Album On Vinyl

Answer: A Complete First Edition Pokemon Card Set

6. When Exactly Did Snake Armageddon Happen?

  • June 21, 2024
  • June 21, 2025
  • June 21, 2023
  • June 21, 2026

Answer: June 21, 2026

7. What Did Rick Do To Keep Jerry From Falling Off The Roof During Christmas?

  • He Turned Jerry Invisible.
  • He Made The Roof Spiritually Magnetic.
  • He Made Jerry’s Atomic Matrix Slightly Lighter Than Air.
  • He Launched Jerry Into Orbit Around The House.

Answer: All Answer Are Wrong

8. Vindicators Alert: What Is One Place The Vindicators Would Never Mention?

Answer: Israel


9. Which Version Of Earth Did Rick And Morty Turn The Population Into Cronenbergs?

  • B-226
  • C-137
  • E-142
  • Z-128

Answer: C-137


9. Which Of These Is Not Used To Craft A Neutrino Bomb In Pocket Mortys?

  • Motherboard
  • Supercharged Battery
  • Pure Halzinger
  • Dark Energy Bomb

Answer: Pure Halzinger


10. How Old Is Rick?

  • 62
  • 70
  • 81
  • 58

Answer: 70


10. Who Said “some Voids Can’t Be Filled With Jamba Juice.”?

  • Mr. Goldenfold
  • Morty
  • Jerry
  • Mr. Poopybutthole

Answer: Mr. Goldenfold


11. What Is The Name Of The Giant Who Rick And Morty Get Blamed For Killing?

  • Dave
  • Dan
  • Dayton
  • Dale

Answer: Dale


11. In Morty’s Mindblowers, Rick Messes Up Which Phrase?

  • Taking Things For Grants
  • Taking Things For Spanish
  • Taking Things For Planet
  • Taking Things For Granite

Answer: Taking Things For Granite

12. What Non-weapon Does Rick Use To Make The Purgers Drop Their Weapons?

  • M&ms
  • Skittles
  • Tic-tacs
  • Mints

Answer: Tic-tacs

13. What Does Jerry Attempt To Use As A Gun At A Wedding?

  • Super Soaker
  • Potato Gun
  • Confetti Gun
  • Laser Pointer

Answer: Confetti Gun

14. Who Is The Character That Makes Morty “uncomfortable” In The Bathroom?

  • Scary Terry
  • Mr. Jellybean
  • Principal Vagina
  • Mr. Meeseeks

Answer: Mr. Jellybean


15. What Was The Name Of Rick’s Rock Band?

  • The Flesh Curtains
  • The Flesh Drapes
  • The Flesh Carpets
  • The Flesh Sheets

Answer: The Flesh Curtains


15. Who Does Ethan Dump Summer For Before Their Planned Camping Trip?

  • Tammy
  • Tricia
  • Jessica
  • Nancy

Answer: Tricia

16. It Was Revealed In “the Ricks Must Be Crazy” That Rick Modified Morty’s Dna Structure So He Can Transform Into A What?

  • Motorcycle
  • Car
  • Boat
  • Train

Answer: Boat

17. What Was Jerry’s Major In College?

  • Psychology
  • Civics
  • Liberal Arts
  • Sociology

Answer: Liberal Arts

18. What Does Snuffles The Family Dog Rename Himself As After Rick Gives Him An Intelligence-boosting Helmet?

Answer: Snowball

19. Which Of These Isn’t An Alterations That Rick Made To Make Froopyland Safe For Beth?

  • He Made The Ground Bouncy.
  • He Made The Creatures Non-violent.
  • He Made The Water Breathable.
  • He Made The Air Lighter.

Answer: All Answer Are Wrong

20. What Is Mr. Poopybutthole A Professor Of?

  • Political Science
  • Asian American Studies
  • African-american Women’s Studies
  • Children’s Psychology

Answer: African-american Women’s Studies


NOTE: We always update quiz Answers Regularly. In case if you find any answers wrong please tell about this on Comment Section


Be Quizzed Answers

Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz Answers

Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz Answers Be Quizzed

Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz

Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz Be Quizzed Accuracy

Be Quizzed Rick and Morty’s Spectacular Quiz Answers

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