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Dungeon Quest is a massive online multiplayer dungeon RPG game on Roblox made by vCaffy where players can solo or team up to take on a range of dungeons. As players progress in dungeons and difficulties, they will receive improved items that can be equipped and used in combat. The Dungeon Quest game has an active and steadily growing and prominent player base on Roblox

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1. The Elementalist Set Can Be Obtained At Which Dungeon?

  • Winter Outpost
  • Pirate Island
  • The Desert Temple
  • King’s Castle

Answer: The Desert Temple

2. The Triton Warrior Set Can Be Obtained In Which Dungeon?

  • Aquatic Temple
  • Orbital Outpost
  • The Canals
  • Steampunk Sewers

Answer: Aquatic Temple

3. The Ancestral Mage Set Can Be Obtained In Which Dungeon?

  • King’s Castle
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Ghastly Harbor
  • Samurai Palace

Answer: Samurai Palace

4. The Crystalline Guardian Set Can Be Obtained In Which Dungeon?

  • The Canals
  • Enchanted Forest
  • The Underworld
  • Pirate Island

Answer: Enchanted Forest

5. The Salvaged Warrior Set Can Be Obtained In Which Dungeon?

  • Steampunk Sewers
  • Orbital Outpost
  • The Canals
  • Samurai Palace

Answer: Samurai Palace

6. What Is The Difference Between An Uncommon And Epic Void Plate Helmet’s Physical Power? (On Average)

  • 20 Points
  • 10 Points
  • 30 Points
  • 25 Points

Answer: 10 Points

7. Which Of These Armor Sets Requires The Player To Be Level 60?

  • Elite Warlord Plate Set
  • Pirate King’s Warrior Set
  • Barbaric Mage Set
  • Ice King’s Guardian Set

Answer: Pirate King’s Warrior Set

8. Which Of These Armor Sets Has Around 1600 Hp?

  • Ancient Plate Set
  • Ice King’s Warrior Set
  • Barbaric Warrior Set
  • Guardian Set

Answer: Ice King’s Warrior Set

9. How Much Does The Red Knight Helmet Sell For? (Base Sell)

Answer: 2000

10. Which Of These Boosts The User’s Physical Damage For 8 Seconds?

  • Taunting Aura
  • Battle Shout
  • Skull Flames
  • Demonic Spikes

Answer: Battle Shout

11. What Level Do You Need To Be To Use Infernal Orbs?

  • 55
  • 77
  • 99
  • 121

Answer: 77

12. Which Of These Is An Epic Spell?

  • Life Dash
  • Star Barrage
  • Ice Totem
  • Starfall

Answer: Ice Totem

13. Which Of These Grants A Movement Speed Boost And Increases Spell Damage By 80%?

  • Inner Focus
  • Life Dash
  • Inner Rage
  • Overcharge

Answer: Life Dash

14. Which One Of These Spells Sells For 8,000,000?

  • Spirit Bomb
  • Mighty Leap
  • Triple Blade Throw
  • Explosive Mine

Answer: Triple Blade Throw

15. Which One Of These Has The Quickest Cool Down Speed?

  • Explosive Mine
  • Rending Slice
  • Explosive Punch
  • Electric Slash

Answer: Explosive Punch

16. Which Of These Weapons Has An Average Base Power Of 110,000?

  • Bioforged Greataxe
  • Hextech Katana
  • Dual Ocean Fists
  • Cracked Tooth Cleaver

Answer: Cracked Tooth Cleaver

17. Which Of These Weapons Has An Average Base Power Of 485,000?

  • Plasma Infused Cutlass
  • Inventor’s Greatsword
  • Mighty Fusion Maul
  • Bioforged Greataxe

Answer: Mighty Fusion Maul

18. Which Of These Weapons Has An Average Base Power Of 7.1 Million?

  • Aquatic Scimitars
  • Aquatic Executioner
  • Serpent Pike
  • Ocean Pearl Staff

Answer: Aquatic Executioner

19. Which Of These Weapons Has An Average Base Power Of 23.75 Million?

  • Forest Vine Hatchet
  • Enchanted Shard Dual Blade
  • Enchanted Shard Staff
  • Crystalline Shard Staff

Answer: Forest Vine Hatchet

20. Which Of These Weapons Has An Average Base Power Of 44?

  • Onyx Spell Scythe
  • Crimson Spellblade
  • Dragon Slayer Blade
  • Diamond Encrusted Blade

Answer: Onyx Spell Scythe

21. This Class Depends On Both Their Weapon To Deal Melee Damage And Their Physical Abilities To Deal Ranged Damage.

  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Guardian
  • Tank

Answer: Warrior

22. How Many Waves Are Required For “ultimate Dungeon Defender”?

  • 50
  • 100
  • 300
  • 400

Answer: 100

23. What Level Is Grandmaster Reached?

  • 80
  • 120
  • 200
  • 220

Answer: 120

24. Where Can You Find The Sniper Mercenary Cosmetic?

  • Ghastly Harbor
  • The Canals
  • Steampunk Sewers
  • Orbital Outpost

Answer: The Canals

25. Where Can You Find The Inventor Cosmetic?

  • The Canals
  • Steampunk Sewers
  • Ghastly Harbor
  • Orbital Outpost

Answer: Steampunk Sewers

26. On “hard”, What Are Sand Peasants Base Hp?

  • 80
  • 250
  • 750
  • 2300

Answer: 250

27. Where Can You Find The Dark Mage Mob?

  • Volcanic Chambers
  • Ghastly Harbor
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Underworld

Answer: Underworld

28. What Is The Base Hp Of A Mob, On Insane, On Orbital Outpost?

  • 4,500,000
  • 1,900,000,000,000
  • 4,400,000,000,000
  • 2,300,000,000

Answer: 1,900,000,000,000

29. Who Is The Final Boss On Aquatic Temple?

  • Ancient Temple God
  • Sea King
  • Temple Pharao
  • Fish King

Answer: Sea King

30. Who Is The Last Boss On Orbital Outpost?

  • Tesla Master
  • The Destroyer
  • Lord Varosh
  • Hologram Assassin

Answer: Lord Varosh


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Be Quizzed Answers

Roblox Dragon Quest Quiz Answers

Roblox Dragon Quest Quiz Answers Be Quizzed

Roblox Dragon Quest Quiz

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Be Quizzed Roblox Dragon Quest Quiz Answers

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