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1. What Are You Doing If You’re “spilling The Tea”?

  • Gossiping
  • Making A Mess
  • Working Hard
  • Cleaning Your Room

Answer: Gossiping

2. What Does It Mean If Something Is “basic”?

  • Unoriginal
  • Juvenile
  • Easy
  • Funny

Answer: Unoriginal

3. What Is A “whip”?

  • A Face
  • A Foot
  • A Car
  • Whipped Cream

Answer: A Car

4. When Is Something “extra”?

  • When There’s More Than One Of Something
  • When It Costs More Than It’s Supposed To
  • When Something Is Very Popular
  • When Something Is Extravagant And Flamboyant

Answer: When Something Is Extravagant And Flamboyant

5. What Is A “stan”?

  • A Nickname For Stanley
  • A Celebrity Influencer
  • A Woman In Her 20s
  • An Obsessive Fan

Answer: An Obsessive Fan

6. Explain The Slang Term “bop.”

  • A Good Song
  • A Dance Move
  • A Social Media App
  • Fighting Someone

Answer: A Good Song

7. Try To Guess What “wig” Means.

  • Amazing
  • Scared
  • Angry
  • A Cap Made Of Hair

Answer: Amazing

8. Have You Heard Of “and I Oop”?

  • A Recipe For Pasta
  • When Your Hair Is Done
  • A Funny Meme
  • Making A Mistake

Answer: Making A Mistake

9. Do You Know What “woke” Means?

  • Cool
  • Aware Of Social Injustice
  • Not Asleept
  • All

Answer: Aware Of Social Injustice

10. What Does “tbh” Stand For?

  • They Both Heard
  • To Be Honest
  • Try Being Hot
  • The Best House

Answer: To Be Honest

11. Are You Familiar With “ghosting”?

  • Using Snapchat
  • Getting Scared
  • Giving A Side Hug
  • Being Ignored

Answer: Being Ignored

12. What Does “swole” Mean?

  • Swollen
  • Buff
  • Smart
  • Judgmental

Answer: Buff

13. Can You Decipher “fit”?

  • A Clothing Size
  • Being In Shape
  • An Outfit
  • Being Prepared

Answer: An Outfit

14. Guess What “finna” Means.

  • Getting Something Finished
  • A Secret Conversation
  • Fantastic
  • Planning Something

Answer: Planning Something

15. Translate The Gen Z Term “lewk.”

  • A Special Outfit
  • Staring At Something
  • Eyes
  • Feeling Confident

Answer: A Special Outfit

16. Try To Guess What “beat” Means.

  • Stepping On The Ground
  • Aggressively Applying Makeup
  • The Sound Of Music
  • A Vegetable

Answer: Aggressively Applying Makeup

17. Do You Remember What “gucci” Means?

  • Cool
  • Luxurious
  • Tacky
  • Young

Answer: Cool

18. What Is A “fam”?

  • Pets
  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Close Friends

Answer: Close Friends

19. Can You Explain A “glow Up”?

  • Arriving Early To Something
  • A Viral Video
  • Something That Glows In The Dark
  • A Makeover Or Transformation

Answer: A Makeover Or Transformation

20. Have You Heard The Term “shook?”20.

  • Stirring Something Around
  • A Type Of Exercise
  • Part Of The Keto Diet
  • Shocked

Answer: Shocked

21. Do You Know What “bruh” Means?

  • Teen
  • Friend
  • Soft
  • Adventurous

Answer: Friend

22. Have You Heard The Word “boujee”?

  • Smelly
  • Fancy
  • On Fire
  • Loves To Cook

Answer: Fancy

23. Guess The Definition Of “clout.”

  • Sensitive
  • Popular
  • A Clog In The Sink
  • An Itch

Answer: Popular

24. What Is The Meaning Of “yeet”?

  • Throwing Something
  • Girls Hanging Out
  • Feet Without A Pedicure
  • Yellow

Answer: Throwing Something

25. Can You Decipher “sus”?

  • Sour
  • Suspicious
  • Feminine
  • Long

Answer: Suspicious

26. What’s Gen Z’s Definition Of “fire”

  • Spicy
  • Dangerous
  • Cool
  • Warm

Answer: Cool

27. Do You Know What “tfw” Stands For?

  • Try Feeling Weird
  • This Friend Won
  • That Feeling When
  • The Fun Way

Answer: That Feeling When

28. What Does “savage” Mean?

  • Hungry
  • Harsh
  • Simple
  • Dirty

Answer: Harsh

29. What Is A “squad”?

  • A High School Student
  • A Group Of Friends
  • A Genre Of Music
  • A Famous Person

Answer: A Group Of Friends

30. Have You Ever Heard The Term “salty”?

  • Cheesy
  • Snarky
  • Too Much Sodium
  • Jealous

Answer: Jealous


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The Gen Z Slang Quiz Answers

The Gen Z Slang Quiz Answers Quiz Factory

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