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 LAST UPDATED ON 29/6/2021

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Quiz Title            :         TheForce Trade Token Quiz
Publisher            :         CoinMarketCap 
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We have given Answers with Question, so won't be confused about the exact Answers to the Question.

If A User Successfully Completes The Quiz, They Will Receive 10 Foc Tokens As Reward.

1. What Are The Services That Provides?

Answer: All Of Above

2. What Is The Token Symbol Of Platform Tokens? Please Find It Here.

Answer: FOC

3. What Type Of NFT Can Be Traded On Theforce NFT Platform?

Answer: All Of Above

4. What Are The Scenarios Where You Can Use FOC Token?

Answer: All Of Above

5. What Will You Be Able To Do With The NFT That You Bought From

Answer: All Of Above

6. What Chain Was Initially Launched On?

Answer: Binance Smart Chain(BSC)


NOTE: We always update quiz Answers Regularly. In case if you find any answers wrong please tell about this on Comment Section


CoinMarketCap Answers

TheForce Trade Token Quiz Answers

TheForce Trade Token Quiz Answers CoinMarketCap

TheForce Trade Token Quiz

TheForce Trade Token Quiz CoinMarketCap Accuracy

CoinMarketCap TheForce Trade Token Quiz Answers

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